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Dangerous Persuasions – New Series on Investigation Discovery

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Dangerous Persuasions 

Prophet or Predator – Investigation Discovery – U.S.

Wed Jan 30 at 10:00 pm  Eastern – Investigation Discovery  Channel (That’s 8:00 pm  in Utah, 7:00 pm in California)

Thu Jan 31 at 1:00 am  Eastern  Investigation Discovery  Channel – U.S.  (Just 3 hours later, 9:00 pm in Utah, 10:00 pm in California)

Sat Feb 2 at 9:00 am Eastern Investigation Discovery  Channel (7:00 am in Utah, 8:00 am in California)

An ex-Mormon sociopath masterminds a plan to break the faith of a devoted Mormon mother after she rejects him. Using false documentation and fabricated miracles, he convinces her he is an authentic Mormon prophet, take Christine Marie as his ‘eternal companion,’ then spiritually blackmail her into cruel tests of obedience, including separating her from her children in order to save them.  He convinces others to help him further deceive, defraud, and sexually exploit this LDS mother to finance his illicit activities – for the rest of her days on earth. Trapped in a nightmare of danger and deception, she sees suicide as the only way out. She says one final prayer.  Incredibly, an unlikely hero intervenes in the nick of time.

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Discovery Press Release:


Airs in Canada

Friday, January 25, 10 pm ET

History Channel

Series Description:

Brainwashed tells the extraordinary true stories of normal people who were manipulated into horrific situations that changed their lives forever. These are dark tales of the false prophets, criminal masterminds, and sociopathic con-artists who prey on the innocent. Each episode unfolds in the most powerful way – through the first-hand testimony of the victim, and every story has the twists and turns of the best Hollywood thriller, but with the terrifying knowledge that these extraordinary events really happened.


Episode: Predator Prophet


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