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Hard for People to Believe the Stories

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"Again, victims usually do not understand what is occurring until it is too late.  The psychopath may have already launched smear campaigns, taken unfounded legal action, and manipulated those the victim cares about, simply for sport.  Once the victims begin sharing their stories with others, the people to whom they tell these stories, often cannot believe what they are hearing.  It is common for others to be in disbelief, either because they perceive the victim as an unlikely candidate for targeting or abuse, or because the stories can seem so inherently unlikely that it may be difficult, at first, to believe they are true."



  1. Admin says:

    If you are the victim of a psychopath, have you ever tried to share your story, only to have people either not believe you, or else think you were the one with the problem?

  2. Jennifer budinger says:

    Yes! Please advise…I am still in shock from the aftermath of a sociopath, and now I have legal issues, and financial issues, and emotional issues. I wish to expose him and restore my reputation. Anything I can think to do or say to speak my truth, I have already, unbelievably, been discredited. I’m powerless to defend myself. How does someone get justice without completely falling into the same pathology of the monster who put them there?

    • Admin says:

      Jennifer, there is a web site for victims of psychopaths, check it out here: Maybe you can contact an expert there with your question. You asked a great question. It is tempting to resort to the tactics of the psychopaths to defend ourselves under the guise of “fighting fire with fire.” This often seems to backfire, however. If you need help restoring your reputation, check out or send me a personal email from the contact button in the menu.


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