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Must Read: “Confessions of a Sociopath”

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More than one friend sent me this article from the May 13, 2013 issue of Psychology Today. It may be shocking to many, but to those of us whose lives were once shattered by sociopaths, it’s all too familiar.

The article was written by “M.E. Thomas” who claims to be a BYU-educated (and successful) law professor and Sunday school teacher who is “quite charming and has a host of family and friends.” I wonder about that.  At least she admits how much she lies. In the beginning of the article, she claims she wasn’t the victim of child abuse, but later in the article describes being the middle child in a family with a violent father. 

She writes, “The first recurring dream I can remember was about killing him with my bare hands.”  She admits living a life of lies and wanting to destroy lives. “I like to imagine that I have ‘ruined people’ or seduced someone to the point of being irreparably mine,” she writes.

This reminds me of what my sociopath/psychopath (which I will refer to as  “S-path C”) did to a true, kind, gentle, sincere male believer who also happened to be an attorney. S-path C had to win him, learn everything about him – all his secrets, and make the man fall in love with him. “I own him now, mind body, and soul!”  S-path C boasted proudly on his blog.

S-path C always dreamed of being an attorney, but he just didn’t have the discipline to make it in the real world.  He falsely posed as an attorney online, and represented himself in a couple of his countless stints in court.  So getting an attorney as a believer – one he could dominate and use as puppet, then destroy – this was S-path C’s dream!  Poor poor Mr. V.

The next step from S-path C was to get Mr. V’s  power of attorney over everything. He then used his prophet power to convince the man to put his credit on the line for him as a test of faith.  He destroyed his credit and his marriage, made him choose between eternal life and a relationship with his children, then used his undue influence to spiritually-blackmail him into doing ethically gray things that might ruin his career.  The prophet got involved in this man’s physical life, got him to temporarily marry a woman he didn’t know, played with his heart, mind and soul like the man was just a pawn to be used, then thrown away.  When this sweet man became sick, a female friend tended him and saw the paperwork that incriminated the same sociopath who played with my life.

But s-paths always have to win.  At any cost. And lying is what they are good at.  So S-path C, posing as a prophet, went after all of them, Mr. V’s children and female friend included, with a cruel and vindictive smear campaign that broadcast  juicy private, sensitive information intermingled with outright lies.  Or maybe it was ALL lies.  Nonetheless, it sent a message to the rest of his fearful followers:

If you cross me or try to expose me, you will live to regret it. Just like Mr. V.

Most people have no idea that people who come across so wonderful can actually be capable of such cruelty, nor do they realize how life shattering this is – until they or someone they know lived through it.

The author of the article, M.E. Thomas, a self-proclaimed active Mormon, proceeds to explain how she enjoyed setting up love triangles that would she knew would ruin a couple people.  This type of stuff is just plain fun to the s-path.  They can’t feel anything anyway – they might as well amuse themselves by wielding power in the lives of others in a way that their superiority had to be acknowledged.

Read on if you care, but prepare to be disturbed to learned how many people are like her in the world.  And take caution…


By the way, thank you for your personal comments and messages to me.  It’s nice to know that my findings & writings are helping people.  Take care.


  1. Harry Dschaak says:


    Interesting read.

    However I was not able to come away with much more than a feeling of having been lied to, by a liar.

    How can a person, (who casually confesses in a self-authored article in some prestigious magazine that they get a real thrill when they contemplate ways to manipulate and destroy people whose lives happen to cross their “socio-path”) suddenly turn off their destructive, (lying), mechanism? The whole article was just another layer of remorseless bravado intented to make the reader amazed at her seductive prowess and worldly achievments. It reminded me of a book I once read that was called “Diary of a Player” In a nutshell Ms. Thomas writes:

    “Here I am, attractive to most, but in your case I’m forever unattainable, hopelessly unseducable, powerful in my own right, and justified in whatever I choose to do to you,(a robot that I can program), or anyone else, especially now that I have put together this well worded ,(spelled “exaggerated”) article to further my own egotistical plunge smack-dab into the middle of your silly, wading pool. Don’t you love me? (You know you do. You want to help me don’t you? Ha! Ha! This is so much fun!) Aren’t I clever? You are a fool if you believe anything I say, cause I’m just messin’ with your mind so you will treat me as an expert in the field of psychology today! Weeeeeeeeee! Maybe I can even head up my own agency that I founded in honor of my very own customized smirk? You’re glad I decided to confess my sins… I can tell.”

    The woman’s confessional is a lame attempt to suggest that being a sociopath (read ‘psychopath’) in our society is somewhat normal, but she falls way short of accomplishing her goal. In reality, if there is any truth to her claims, she is neither normal nor stable, and her comprehension of the down-side to her own illness is doubtful. Her narrative is intended to be shocking, (for sympathy), but she wants you to know that deep down she is just like everyone else, which is to say —> “rather incapable of killing anyone”. I’m actually offended that she would try to take her game to this level.

    As for the comparison you made between your S-path and Ms. Thomas wherein they delight in destroying peoples’ lives just because they can, (you gave the example of Rod V.), I don’t think the psychopaths (read ‘predators’), even think about it. They are just feeding on food. They know which types are easy prey, and which types to avoid. Your S-path was fortunate to get Mr. V (a practicing attorney)to fall for his schtick, but that’s another story. Your S-path would have liked to keep Mr. V captivated forever, but it was not to be. The smear campaign that followed was particularly noteworthy, but the reality of the situation was worse. Mr. V had been duped by a troglodyte with a whopper of a claim and it cost him dearly. Aside from having a debilitating stroke, his self-confidence was compromised to the point where he may never be able to come to terms with what happened. All that remains of his reputation and credibility as a free-willed agent and servant of his god is clearly displayed on the face of your S-path in his own customized smirk.


    • Vicky Prunty says:

      I think you right. If this person is a socio-path, getting off on the attention of having her story published, we cannot trust “anything” she writes. It makes me question the integrity of this magazine.

  2. vicky prunty says:

    Thanks for this enlightening article, and the information you share on your blog about your personal experiences. It is important that we share information about this type of twisted deviance with one another because education is often our only defense. These are chameleons. The statistics are high when it comes to sociopaths; whether they are using love and romance, religion or god, a wonderful business opportunity, etc.. it is always important to tread slowly and be on guard.

    • Vicky Prunty says:

      Any enlightenment comes from never trusting anything a socio-path says or writes even if it seems like a credible article. All writers, publishers, and readers should have a course in Manipulation 101. There is no trusting a socio-path; this article might as well have been a fictionalized story.

  3. dav says:

    I believe I had a Sociopath in my life. I cared about this person and his family. I say now I have never heard of sociopaths or games that they do. I really did not find out about any thing until years after the whole con was over. I found he was, lying, stealing, manipulating me for ten years. For me to write about what had happened is just to long to do. I can tell you is that he had me feel close to him with a bond I never had before. So I tuck his advise and believed he was out for my best intrest. At the end, I was left with nothing, home, money, career. What I believe is that he could not handle people and did not know what to do is social settings. So he learned from me as much as he could. For many years now, I have reading everything about sociopaths and others stories. Sociopaths will do anything that they can do to mimic others because they are nothing inside. They don’t care, love. Not anyone. They only have anger for others that is never ending. I believe the sociopath in my life saw life as a game. He would use anyone and get rid of them when he was done. He really had me believe in him and used me. They target people who are loving, trusting and dependable every thing they are not.

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