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Sociopaths Retaliate With a Vengeance When Exposed

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"What is the one thing a sociopath does not want other people to know? The truth. More specifically, sociopaths do not want the truth about them to be known as they are insecure, malicious, and devious people. Beyond being embarrassed by the truth of their behaviors and thoughts, they have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. That’s in large part because they use lies, manipulations, and distortions to control other people and get what they want. If others were to know about their true nature, they...would lose the support networks of malicious minions they control and incite to abuse other people. Therefore sociopaths have a strong motivation to attack, discredit, harass, and ruin anybody who presents arguments and facts that might tend to raise questions and doubts about their behaviors and their false statements."



Sociopaths Experts At Blaming Others, Greatly Fear Being Blamed

"They may realize that blaming is how they control others to harm the targets they viciously attack, often family members or former love interests."

"Sociopaths may be especially cognizant of the risk that people whom they have used to abuse others might even turn against them, especially those who might be greatly angered by how they were manipulated into participating in destructive and harmful activities against others. People like to blame others."

"Sociopathic abusers often engage in distortion campaigns to control and manipulate others to prejudice them into having false beliefs about the victim. By the time the victim of the campaign is aware of it, he or she may have been routinely trashed and lied about for several years to the point that anything he or she says or does will somehow be interpreted as evidence of them being the problem."

"Many of the sociopaths recruit others to help them, typically using lies, distortions, and other people’s own experiences to convince them that they should help ruin another person’s life. Bill Eddy calls them “negative advocates” in many of his writings. I’ve often called them the “minions” of the sociopath. Some of these minions later realize that they were used to harm innocent people and end up feeling very bad about their own actions."


"If you have been in a relationship with a psychopathic personality -
•    if you seek to expose them, bear in mind they are likely to respond with vitriolic rage, threats, vicious and hurtful communication, or attempts to discredit you and smear your reputation

•    don’t beat yourself up about not recognising the signs earlier; just act as soon as you do
•    seek therapy as soon as possible; the trauma of these encounters can be long-lasting and profound
•    if possible, warn others of your experience
•    bear in mind he will be doing his best to cast you as irrational or downright crazy"

"After the victim ends a relationship with a psychopath, this behavior is likely to escalate into downright stalking. This happens for the reasons I have explained in previous articles:

-- psychopaths, being control-driven, want to WIN. To them, winning means catching their targets into their spider’s nets and destroying them

-- psychopaths, being control-driven, want to exact vengeance and intimidate those who no longer worship them, want them, or obey them blindly."


  1. Lenka says:

    I just recently got out of a relationship with a pure sociopath. I happen to know several women that are stil in his life and he is involved with. After recognizing who he truly is a sociopath, I want to warn these women and in essence expose him but I hold back because I am afraid of what or how he may react once I do this. What would you suggest? Do I expose and give these women a heads up and spare them the awful and truly unbearable experience that I went through with this man or do I just let him be?

    • Elaine Doxie says:

      You can try to warn them, but until they see it for themselves, it may not do much good. I know that I tried to warn my ex’s new wife when I have seen behavior that is heading down that road to abuse, but she has not only ignored me, but believes that it is only the rantings of a “bitter ex-wife.” This is when she has been abused herself and I have pointed it out to her. Other than that, I don’t know what I can do. I was never prepared to be battling a person with no conscience who cares only about winning, and it doesn’t matter to him what happens to anyone else. To this day, he has my kids, and I wish I could get them back, but it’s a long road to teach them that I love them again. Fortunately, as 3 out of four are adults now, I have the freedom to do so.

      • Southernbella says:

        I can relate to everything you just posted, including..him having your kids. i made it out, but so much damage had already been done. he had raised our son, with the idea, that i was the bad parent, the one who was to blame for everything. By the time i finally left, my son had no respect for me at all, none. he knew, he did not even have to listen to me, just his father. he was so manipulating. I seen this a long time before i left, with how he treated his daughter, from another relationship. She had just came back into his life, after…the mother and child had escaped from his abuse. the mother gave him another chance, because of me. Anyway, when that precious girl would come for visits, his entire visit, was to destroy the relationship she had with her mother. to place all the blame, fault..problems on her mother. Again, he took his action…not into account. It was always someone else’s fault. I lived in extreme poverty, and i do mean extreme..while i was with him. That lifestyle didn’t seem to bother him at all. Actually, had it just been him…but, it was a family. he felt we were not worthy of his hard work, money..future. Which he had none of. After i left him, things started to improve greatly, i went NO Contact! Nobody from his family offered to reach out to me, knowing i was being abused…suffering from his hands. They were his enablers. I later learned, he had been accused of molesting a child, at his mothers house. that would not be the first time, nor the second time! He knew who he could use, get away with doing those things to. my son ended up in a gang, living a dangerous lifestyle, it’s horrible. my son is grown now, lives down here, but still in a gang.We talk, he knows his father.”.is not right in the head”. yet, our relationship is still strained because of all of this bs. i do what i can, for my son..when i can. i have noticed, he has a lot of his father in him. doesn’t mind asking me for money, whenever he thinks I have it. he used to call me each time around payday. So, this is hard on families, we all have to take our responsibility in life, for the things we do. I know, i certainly am. Good luck to you, hope all goes well for you in your life now!

  2. Admin says:

    Is there is some way that you could reveal the facts you know to help spare other women from going through what you went through – without putting yourself in harm’s way? That is such a complicated place to be in, my heart goes out to you.

    • Present Ofmindfullness says:

      Yes, yes there is – give them, or send them ( anonymously, to protect yourself from possible fallout) links or a link to the most informative and thorough website(s) you know, ones which describe, profile and expound upon the phenomenon of malignant narcissism…the grooming, the 3 phases, the gaslighting, the damage, the long term collateral damage, the imminent danger to every aspect of ones life. Leave a brief note- ie: “I have to share this with you , please read it.” MAKE SURE you include an article that underscores the dangers of unmasking the narcissist/ sociopath and the need to be aware, observant but quiet…if its not to late to formulate exit plans and strategies.

  3. Tim Basquin says:

    I am a magnet to sociopaths, Now that I know the correct label for them, I used to call them selfish greedy people, and couldn’t believe what they would do to get their way. To the point of wondering if I ways seeing it actually take place. With persuasion from them I therefore questioned my insanity. I am a 47 y.o. male with a true to the bone sociopath older brother and a 3 year older brother that was his puppet. My whole life I was tortured by these 2 in every aspect of any situation possible.

    I try to think of one incident but my mind floods of a thousand recaps of incident after incident. Such Deviant Deviant people. Even after completely being done with him I let him sweet talk his way one more time into my life and when he thought he stabbed me one more time he departed only he was wrong he wronged the lawyer that I had hired and when I had warned the lawyer of his personality he agreed to bill us siblings separately there for he didn’t sting me and was soon summonsed back to Iowa from California to face a Judge in my lawyers county. he was smart enough to just pay his inflated bill and of course he took his puppet down with him. I have heard that his puppet my middle brother and him have since broke ties and do not speak either.

    I hope to hear when my oldest brother passes on so I can throw the biggest happiest party known to me. I’m talking a concert by my favorite band at the time and nothing but sure delight in being able to put what he has done to me my whole life to rest. The concert part is only wishful thinking and as far as my middle brother It will be sad to see him go for he was a victim just like me but he has never apologized for taking part in the many times that he assisted in setting me up. For that reason I do not go out of my way to talk to him. That is 40 years of abuse by an older sibling that I was always taught and told that I needed to look up to and that he wouldn’t do that “For Christ’s Sake He’s Your Brother.”

    I was finally able to expose him and he has not allowed my most favorites niece speak to me since. That Bastard! He should of been drowned at birth! When you have been made out to be the bad person your whole life, you yearn to be the good guy just once and so that eagerness attracts sociopath females like you wouldn’t believe, so it was years of still being made out to be the bad guy with all the evidence that social path gathers thru out the run of a relationship until they have used you up or gotten so lazy about hiding things that they actually boast and get careless and you finally see that they are the devil.

    It’s too late your spun and they have all their evidence neatly stacked with a program to go with their version of the play they just directed and played the leading role in as the ” Victim.” You get a little weak and you don’t stand as tall as you once did after each one of those relationships. In metamorphic terms I would say you are chopped down about 6″ each time I started out at 6′ 0″ and by the time I realized what was happening with my choice of women I now stand about 3′ 6″. Its a very educated 3″6″ but not a very trusting short soul either.

    My problem is that I can mimic a social path to a tee and love to play with them and even though I know them so well and what they are about I still get attached. It’s the sex part, since puberty all of my lovers have pretty much been sociopaths, therefore I have developed a crave and can perform sex very well and have turned the way a normal person would think about sex and do just the opposite. Sociopath women are awesome lovers! my relationships are becoming not as long in lasting as they used to be and when they figure out that they were the ones actually getting played and not me, suddenly I am used up.

    This last one thought I was actually so dumb when obviously I’m not but rather she had a good run of easy victims and I have exposed her to the point that now I know what is going to happen. First of all in her rush to get out of here after I exposed her, She will either kill me or herself and has started to proceed with my thoughts, by taking up a mate she knows nothing about and moving from Iowa to the high desert in California that obviously by his court record likes to beat on women. It won’t be long and he will kill this gal out of sheer frustration of her lying and manipulating ways and is so quick or possible because she is also an alcoholics and drug addict that she forgets and is constantly mixing stories p.

    She did not want to see the court records on this guy, that I had researched not because I didn’t want her to go. but because she didn’t care she had to leave here she had been exposed, by me. The desperation to get that final jab in on me for exposing him is so comical to watch and hear. Her push to try to get close to me is a class act that I’ve seen played so many times that I can’t believe she would even think of trying it.
    I hope this may help a normal person understand the chararistics of a female sociopath. Tim Basquin

    • Shaan Ali says:

      Hey sir, thanks a lot for sharing your story. If you still check this. I need your help. I”m about half your age and I have an older brother who is a sociopath. I felt everything you wrote and can totally relate. Can you email me if you see this:
      I would love to get some advice and guidance from you.

  4. Paula Jacobs says:

    I think you have associated with sociopaths so long – you know are one. Birds of a feather, so true. You use humor for your reasons to continue relationships with them? Its because you’re so familiar with the dynamics and the problems its a safe zone for you. A normal person would NOT be playing the games you are my friend. You have become sociopathic purely voluntarily for whatever reasons, or you might have always been one… some of the sickest people dont think THEY are……… got a problem though

  5. blackout says:

    I have began to suspect that my son is a sociopath. It is an absolutely devastating realization to make. He exhibited delinquent behaviors when he was younger, such as break and enters, shoplifting, property damage, small time drug dealing, expulsion from school–I hoped he would outgrow these. He refused to participate in therapy because he would never acknowledge that there may be a problem. His behaviors became so damaging in our home that he I had to have him leave. He would come up with the most devious and malicious stories to discredit us as parents to neighbors, family, friends and anybody he felt he could use to humiliate us, including social services who came to the conclusion that his accusations were false. Once he realized that he was no longer able to able to manipulate me and that I was not going to let him back into our home, he has been on a unrelenting campaign to harass and humiliate me, almost exactly as this article describes. He seems to have been successful with some, not all though. THIS IS MY OWN SON, who I have loved and cared for, and it is heartbreaking. I am changing addresses, and considering changing my phone number, although this a difficult step to take. He is only 18 years old, and I know this is young, but as I said he has refused all offers of help, claiming that everyone else is responsible and he is fine. He scored 31 out of 40 on Robert Hare’s test for psychopathy. Granted, this was not a professional evaluation, but the online version–but I feel instinctively that he is not right. My father recently described him as “not seeming to know right from wrong” I think on some level he can distinguish the difference, it’s just irrelevant for him, it does not bother him. The lying behaviors started to become very obvious after the death of his father at the age of 8 and a half, and then other destructive more behaviors followed that, although even before his father died, he was always very, very challenging and often deceitful. He was my first child and I had nothing to compare it to, my younger son exhibits none of these behaviors.

    I wish there was something more I could do than just avoid him, but from all that I have read and what my therapist has explained to me, if this is what he is there is no cure, it is how his brain is wired. A very painful reality to face when it comes to someone you love. I hope beyond hope that this is something else, perhaps related to his losses, but even those losses, he uses to his advantage. There is a feeling of utter helplessness.

  6. Jackie says:

    they wont believe you anyway….they will just think of you as the jealous ex girlfriend. Let them find out the same way you did. And they will… me.

    • Susan says:

      I agree with Jackie. I found out the hard way despite warnings I received. The woman after me even lied in court to support my ex against me as a result of his lies. She also found out the hard way a few months down the road. I think in the beginning everyone is so intoxicated by the love bombing that they can not believe that such a loving, fun, exciting. soul mate could ever be such an awful person. Even if you feel some red flags in your gut, you dismiss them and think, “It’s different with us. She did not love him like I do. She was not cognizant of his needs. He and I are soul mates and we will be like this forever.” Everyone finds out the hard way I think. The stories he tells makes it look like any warning you try to give is just coming from a disgruntled ex-lover.

  7. Mike says:

    A poem about my sociopath/psychopath Hi i am Michelle #+*# .I fantasize I’m a powerful witch.
    But really deep within I’m just a chicken shit sick little bitch and only practiced at the art of deception to avoid detection .
    But that’s only a minor glitch as you will see !
    I am the self-made consummate victim and you the villain.
    I loath myself so all must pay ! I feel so empty but yet full of hate
    I am just an empty shell but will tell you I’m great.
    I lie I cheat and steal with the greatest of ease like a slimy eel.
    if you’re my mate you will ask far too much
    of my arrested child like state .
    you must be a fool
    if you think you are of any use to me other than a tool .
    ill pry and manipulate my way into your heart
    and suck your soul dry for i have not one myself
    and ill blame you for all my evil ways it will always be you !
    never me . If I say “I love you ” translation “you have something I need or want nothing more ” If you ever see behind my mask of sanity
    then watch out you should not have done that !
    and how dare you try and call me on my bullshit
    I will act so in dignified like a rat at the drop of a hat
    and go into the wildest rage , even tho I just turned some trixxxs to get my fix . Once i even got paid 40 bucks to pee on some guy
    while i left my infant in his crib a couple floors down
    no big deal we lived in the good part of town
    new Westminster ,
    oh there is so much more but you don’t want hear it
    trust me I’m a pig and up for any gig I’ve even pulled a train
    if there was something small to gain
    and it would fill my rig ! Ain’t that classy , yep that’s me
    just ask around the seedier parts of town
    I am legend I have no bounds !!!
    I will try and destroy you and stab in the back
    then paint you black
    never to your face ,
    well sometimes i will in a psychotic rage while professing I’ve turned a new page !
    No one is safe not even my son . I’m such a disgrace !
    I will threaten to run him and i into a pole
    so we could always be together and get my way ,
    as opposed to see him happy
    and doing well away from my evil toxic spell
    (what is that not a good Christmas tidings ?
    It shows my devout love wouldn’t you do that to show it ? ) what a beautiful reunion after 4 years away I don’t know why he does not come more often And want to stay . I even tried to falsely accuse his father of molesting him , that did not work cause he ran away from me , beat down and tired of my shit to live with him right into the hands of a monster but really it was all me but that ill try and cover by saying he is gay , I always have an answer for Everything I believe it so should you !!! Once In a church stairwell I shit in a plastic bag and showed it to my Forman , “look what you made me do ! And was fired from Ansan Oh well their loss they where just assholes like all the rest that fired me in disgusts and mistrust , did they not know I require and should have my own porta potty on site , it’s my favourite place to hide from prying eyes to puff and snort and get into full distort . Ta da out comes super woman the pride of all my employers
    Im so sick you can’t even imagine ,
    You measly mortals !
    Projection and deflection is all part of my game
    while I’m dolling out fear blame and shame .
    I pretend to be human through mimicry and trickery
    I fake i have true emotion
    but that always turns into a full blown commotion . I will pretend to be your dearest trustworthy friend , sell you drugs then turn you in , I always get a kick out of that little trick ,and I win cause it takes the heat off of me Hehe I’m a rat a snitch the ultimate two faced bitch !
    I can turn on a tear although not sincere
    and make you go “Awwhh dear ”
    and as quick as it will appear I will be at the helm ready to steer.
    And if I feel you’re not quite convinced
    I can even make my bottom lip quiver
    and that should surely send a shiver
    down your spine and to your core
    but i have no worries I’ve done this many a time before
    and ill laugh cause you’ve just been had !
    and ill even throw in a sniffle at just the right moment
    that took some effort and a while to learn ,
    cause i sniffle a lot and its not from snot
    its for another reason that i get from pleasin
    and it gives me a bit of a burn but that’s not of consequence
    cause it gets me so hot and ready to trot and on my game !
    Thank you ,thank you I would like to thank the academy ,
    Me Myself and I
    For this oscar for best drama queen of this century
    I have no real talent but that I can disguise
    because I know how to use guys ,
    a con you may say that’s right you are all just my prey .
    Really try not to take it personally
    its all just part of my pathology
    I have done this to all before you and will to all after you
    till my last breath .
    I pretend to be sorry and sincere but really it all has to be all about me .
    If I say I give you my love you better hope you wore a glove !
    Ill tell you I’m Heathy even tho Im not
    but who cares its your problem now !
    I deceived you its your fault you stupidly believed me .
    I think I’m so smart but Really I’m just a bitter stupid tart ,
    a narcissistic sociopath abomination you could say !
    but its your fault I warned you all with my shitty ways and power plays ,
    but i convinced you you needed to play .
    I’m a hopeless case can’t you SEE !
    but please waste your time on me .
    I am a cold blooded reptile a chameleon of sorts
    with worse poisons and venom than a deadly snake
    and when I bite my victims they will go into shock
    and never have suspected it,
    cause I was sucking their cock

    the ultimate predator I am ! As miss Jekyll & Hyde
    I rage like rabbid animal that should be locked in cage
    Maximum security for all of eternity
    Its the only thing really safe for the rest of humanity .
    I want to die but i don’t have the guts
    so instead I kick everyone down and in the nuts !
    I know I am hated for the evil I’ve done
    I feel their ghosts expecting a reckoning and waiting
    in the dark patiently and it will come for sure
    cause for me there is no cure .
    ‘ so I cry wolf when none are around
    to stupid to understand I look like the clown !
    I know its really sick but it usually does the trick
    Blame blame blame
    I’m just the poor psychopath who else can I blame
    and try and shame !
    I love causing people pain it’s always to my gain
    and gives me the power to feel sane .
    To keep me off your back cut me some slack
    to consume some crack ,
    meth or whatever and ease my hidden pain
    remember I have other pawns to please to keep them on their knees
    it’s all about keepin control as I’m puffin from my bowl
    knowin just the right amount of my minimal self to dole out
    to keep them in control and attract is a fine balancing act
    all tried true cause it will work on you too
    Hehe . You really should at all cost refrain from trying
    To peek inside my brain that will only be the binging of your pain
    and launch another covert attack behind your back
    that i have been doing all along,
    basically since We first met , But i mix it with some glee ,
    so it makes it hard to see !
    Do you believe in monsters ? I’m here to tell you yes they are real
    And you better believe I am the real deal
    and if you doubt it you will see and be my next meal.
    So please buy my crap so I can spring my trap
    And if you treat me like gold i will know you are primed for my scold
    I can spin a web lies and deceit thicker and quicker than cotton candy at a fair
    to keep you off your feet ,And feeling total despair
    For I am a queen with a scheme a virus a prioress a purveyor of all that’s unhealthy darkness and doom so lets go spoon
    that will make it all seem alright for its your nite to Be with me
    Ill throw you a small bone slink off of my throne
    and into my true position of power so I can easily and totally devour
    your soul hehe . you can never win so just except the spin .
    I will tell you I’m your baby doll
    while in the same breath setting you up for a fall .
    I am vulgar crude rude and vile
    what else would you expect from satans child . It’s
    not that I’m real good looking I’m not !
    or have great cooking its a smoke and mirrors illusion
    that I believe you will need to feed
    so with a sleazy smile a twitch of my lips a wiggle of my hips
    that sometimes will beguile
    at least for a little while
    and a promise of pleasure look is usually all it took
    to sink my talons and hook.
    I am a seething fire breathing modern day Jezebel
    straight out of hell .
    I will not appreciate you any more if you do any nice
    or just try to suffice or help me out of a jam
    cause watch out BAM , I will devalue ,
    discard your efforts behind your back
    and even right to your face you’ll reel from that attack ,
    for how can I play the victim if i showed some grace ,
    but ill keep it all just the same cause you are to blame .
    I have never taken any responsibility for anything
    for that would add legitimacy to all of this .
    Have you ever seen a three dollar bill ?
    Yes a phoney that’s me but ill trade you one for a chonie .
    Ill never let you relax as you will always feel me trying to cover my tracks
    its really quite plain it’s all part of the game
    to make us the same insane
    and if you try and escape my metal rape
    then will begin my campaign of smear .
    I’ve loaded the deck and cast my toxic spell
    you’ll be lucky if you can murmur “What the hell ” watch out for my pit
    I am A fem fatale or of that kind of sort as history calls it ,
    Its really just for sport a game to cause pain .
    I will threaten you with legions that i do not have !
    really I’m an army of none it’s all just fluff and a bluff
    I have no friends cause I’ve fucked them all over
    and who needs them any way they just piss me off and are a nuisance
    with their whining and wants .
    And if i sense you are getting wise and have allies that will listen
    and advise rest assured I will stir up some shit and sever those ties
    in a web with plenty of lies
    I will have got to them long before you with your S.O.S call in distress
    Dint you know a apex predator always separates its prey from the rest
    of the flock ? And I am the master and I’m in it to win it !
    and you’ve never dealt with anything quite as special ,
    cold and bold and as evil as me
    it will be so astonishingly hard to believe and fathom
    the depths of my trickery you’ll see hehe.
    If i have my way and don’t get caught
    ill make it so you are never heard from again washed away
    like a turd in a swamp
    I’ve done that before But shush that’s another real big secret
    but like a cat I always land on my feet for 20 + years
    I’ve gotten away with that hehe .
    I do have fears cause over the years
    my looks have defiantly diminished
    can I still hunt with only a cunt ?
    thats all i can offer , only druggies ,boozers and losers might bite
    not much to profit ,
    much like Charlotte I sit in my web a bed ,
    And will just fade away while playing the perfect harlot.
    I pray but to who I’ve play both sides so who will listen
    now I’ve sold my soul
    And now I’m nothing but a pathetic ugly little troll .
    I hope its all not finished . Ive wasted my life but have pasted that price
    on all of you. Well enough about me thats part of the list
    you get the jyst and some of you have already figured it out
    it pegs me to a tee ,
    a parasite a tick a flea a vamp a tramp on a uncontrolled feeding spree
    of the backs of society much like a scabie a cancer a blight
    you cant really fight or see
    and if your smart you’ll be on the next flight away from me
    and my plight of toxicity and free. ! thank heavens I’m somewhat of a rare anomaly. And when you emerge from the fog ill have you so exhausted and cut down like a log , shell shocked from all the toxicity .
    And ill say ha ha honey wasn’t that funny
    it made me laugh to see and inflict you with pain do you want to play again ?
    Its all part of a riddle a dilution designed to cause confusion
    that will have you stuck in the middle somewhere
    between tomorrow and yesterday
    thats why i do it and i know you will still want to screw it ,
    all the while thinking I’m capable of change if you just give more ,
    chasing that elusive pie in the sky that does exist within me
    but occasionally ill show you a glimpse at the right Time all nice with a shine
    You poor thing you must so tired an weary
    for a second ill pretend to care and from this point on
    it will get quite scary opportunistic and terroristic ,
    I have you hooked hehe . so tell me a only a little about you ,
    cause i don’t really care its only about warfare ,
    its all i will need so i can plant my seed.
    I have the ability to read people like a book and present my self
    as your fairytale for a while
    but that with soon become your worst fucking nightmare of epic proportion !
    My greatest fear and need
    is to hide and not be discovered
    for then how would i feed if they ever recovered .
    But i like attention its part of my plea
    but that draws attention kinda a paradox you see
    What can I do but sit in fear when the end draws near
    this is my big secret not yours Everything is mine
    and i want to take to my grave
    and if you have put it all together
    and have gotten away
    I will even have the audacity to say
    good luck finding someone that can love
    And treat you as good and as much me !
    good lord you could only fucking hope not
    even tho we are somewhat rare.
    please don’t tell anyone cause I need to feed !
    and i already know I’m in for some real hot and Nasty weather
    I’m so sad and empty , God , lucifer is there anybody out there for me.
    NO But I will see rest assured it will not be full of glee , for I have not one
    Redeeming quality with in me . Now that I’ve told you who I really am this should be my Eulogy hehe

    The End

    • Valoura says:

      Wow – thank you for providing such a great example of how an anti-socialpath (aka psychopath) would respond!

    • Deb says:

      You hit the nail on the head with this poem…..I’m still in shock that this is soooo true! It took me 5 full years to finally come to acknowledge that he is a sociopath/psychopath 🙁

  8. Susan says:

    My sociopath finally got caught in all of his lies and pushed everyone away. I think he may have been borderline and antisocial personality disorder – he fits so many criteria that it’s unreal. (He had OCD characteristics as well) He had a felony record for stalking me and harassing me, so he was totally exposed. He committed suicide last month. I gotta say it really hurt. As hurtful and crazy as he was – I still have fond memories of the man with the mask at the beginning of our relationship. I believe he was saying, “I won.” No one will make me follow a probation agreement. He took control and ended his own life. I believe he was saying also, “Look what you made me do.”

  9. Admin says:

    Valoura – We deleted the promotions for psychic healers and spell casters. Very frustrating, sorry about the annoyance.

  10. My ex is a socio-path and i often think about warning the other women he has contact with however he will turn it around and tell them that i still want him and reinforce his ego and need to win. They will find out on their own, however, i pity what they will have to go through before they realize what a monster he is.

  11. […] […]

  12. Donna says:

    My brother made my Mothers death a circus, he told me how everything I did was wrong. My Dad made me his POA &Health Care Rep. My brother was so upset, after all I am old and what could I know anyway! Since he could not get his way with me he goes to my Daughter feeding her his lies about the situation with Dad living at home. She is so trusting of him and believes that I am a major manipulator and a liar. My Daughter believes him so much that she told me if I did not make him POA immediately that our relationship is over. She thinks that she is doing the best for her Grandpa. My Father has told me and my sister he does not want my brother in charge of him that he is too bossy, i.e. he was heard telling my Dad do the dishes, Dad told him do not boss me in my own home and that he was tired and wanted to go to bed. my brother said you will do those dished or I won’t let you go to bed. My Dad has Alzheimer’s My relationship with my daughter is awful and I don’t know if I will be able to give my grandchildren their Christmas.

    What I need to know is how to turn this around and expose him for the awful person he is.

  13. Sean C. says:

    I am currently seeing someone who has a father who is either a sociopath or psychopath. He’s been emotionally manipulative in many ways, intentionally provoking his children. The wife seems to be in denial, and most recently, he hurt my friend’s dog intentionally to provoke a response. Now his mother is suggesting therapy for their son instead of the father. This man acts perfectly normal for any professional, but continuously bothers his children. He’ll randomly show up out of nowhere, do things and then pretend they never happened, and just plain meddles. I know I’m a second hand source, but I worry because it’s a definite form of abuse. He’s given his children (now all late 20’s to early 30’s) a lot of terrible memories. Does anyone have advice or a suggestion for a specialist who can help with someone like this?

    • deboraha says:

      This reply in reference to someones father in law constantly interferring and causeing drama in his married kids lives. I have such or did in my life. Theres one andwer and one only. Cut him out of your life like a cancer. For all practicle purposes that is what he is. Why does he do it. To demonstrate his power over your life. This will not ever change. Dont text dont accept calls dont attend functions he will be at. You will be amazed at the peace that will come to your home. Do not even allow anyone to speak of him in yals presence. Pretend and act like he does not exist. This your only answer forever. Because its who he is forever. Sorry

  14. Janice Orti says:

    This appears to be an example of sociopathic behavior where the poster here reported or reviewed on what appear to be facts about their experience of being defrauded and was then attacked by a network of people in retaliation:

  15. Christina says:

    The one redeeming thing about being taken in by a sociopath is that it really opens your eyes to the prevalence of this in the world. And the gullibleness of people — since i used to be one of those gullible people. I remember going out with my sociopath one last time after figuring out what he was, and sitting there talking with him, looking in his eyes being like (in my head) ‘your entire being is completely phoney, a lie’, and I could not believe that I had not seen it before. I could not believe that the waitress did not see it but was being charmed by him — it was so obvious. I even think that he saw me looking at him and knew that I knew. Believe me I took utmost care to pretend that I knew no such thing, so as to be able safely to get away from him, and keep him from going after me. I think that I was so trusting and gullible and honest with him throughout our acquaintance that, when I finally put on a fake show of not knowing he couldn’t believe that I could fake it and was taken in. I saw him one last time in the library and he didn’t see me and I went into a panic to get away from him; my whole body revolted with adrenaline like I was in frank danger. This was the normal reaction that I should have had all along; my god, I got away. Terrifying. I cannot even believe now that I knew this individual and I think that he once almost killed me. Came very close to it, but some glimmer of realization bubbled up even then from my stupor and I moved away from him so that he could no longer do it conveniently.

    What a sad, sad time. The truth was, if I am honest about it, I wanted to be deceived and allowed myself to be because I was afraid to take responsibility for my life. I think that I would be far less likely to make the same mistake now.

    And, having been hoodwinked once, my sociopath radar is alive and healthy. The guy I am currently working for is one — sigh — and I knew this before even meeting him, from some vague cues in his email and a photo in which his eyes were dead — that chilling look. (I saw that look in my sociopath’s eyes the last day I saw him and was like, how did I never see this before? Was he hiding it from me and now that I knew, and he could see I knew, he was no longer bothering to hide? Or was it always there and I somehow deluded myself otherwise — in which case I had a significant perceptual deficit on account of being hoodwinked, which is kind of scary)

    Anyway, I finally met my current boss, and did that thing where you observe the person and check off certain things in your head. Superficial charm, yes. Seems to have no anxiety, yes. Trying to convince us to give him work for nothing with appeals to moral arguments, yes. Reacts badly and in a bullying way to attempts to be treated fairly. I am questioning myself and seeing him as a ‘nice guy’ even though he is making outrageous requests and making me look like the asshole.

    Etc, etc. It is so mundane. Anyway i am a bit afraid and am going to try to stay out of this guy’s way, but I think the main thing is that a sociopath’s greatest weapon is the fact that people do not know what they are. So I don’t think I have to worry that much simply because I am not drawn in by him, so there is only so much he can do. I am a bit concerned about one of my coworkers who seems taken in by him, but it is up to them to figure things out for themselves. As people are saying on here, there is not much that anyone can do to expose a sociopath. You are liable to wind up sounding paranoid or insane. Better to just withdraw, care for yourself and be there for the other person if and when they come to their senses.

    Good luck to all. I don’t dwell much on the damage that sociopaths do because I figure that 1) people make a decision to be with them in the first place, and at a certain level they want to be deceived, and 2) you just choose to interact with and give your energy to people who have a conscience and human warmth. And hope that the sociopath in a future reincarnation will right their personality (as Seth/Jane Roberts says), but wish this for them from a distance, and without any hope for the present, or your relations with them

  16. HB says:

    Need Advice! My friend’s husband of 25 years is a malignant narcissist. No one can say one word to him or he calls it belittling him. But, it’s ok for Mr. Hot Stuff King of the Universe to call everyone else useless, stupid, worthless, dumb, whore, skank, prick. He does no wrong, yet he is the one that lies to multiple clients, gets everyone around him in deep debt. He’s got her at least $500k in debt. Easily! In his mind it’s “Oh well” “It’s because of the economy” or “Things are just so damn expensive” like life is but a joke. He spends on whatever whenever. He coerces and exploits women. He goes after young women or desperate older women. Why my friend tolerates his abuse is beyond me, other than trying to keep the kids semi-normal. Which how? How can anyone be normal or sane growing up in a cluster screw of a household with someone leading or so-called in charge that wants to spend with wreckless abandon, have affairs, drink constantly, piss people off everywhere, not have any care in the world who or what gets destroyed? I can’t for the life of me get it? Is she sick too? Who would tolerate such crap in life? It aggravates me so bad to a SOUL LEVEL!!!! I’m not even married to him and I have PTSD and practical failure to thrive just watching him suck the life and financial stability right out from underneath her. What the heck is the deal with some women? Do they just stay for the kids? Sex? What? No sex can be worth that much! Or is it too hard to start all over again? He is chronically late to every family function and screws up every holiday dinner being 2 hours late and then on top of that he yaps on his overpriced cell phone that he has her paying umpteen hundreds a month for. He is very show boaty and look at me type. Is that what these women like? Like It makes them feel important being with someone that is so LOUD and LOOK AT ME? I’m at my wits end trying to figure out why someone would tolerate this crap for 25 years?

  17. Admin says:

    HB Read this post about trauma bonds and you will understand more about why women stay. Sometimes it is trauma bonds that keep them there, other times it is pure fear. However at no time do women stay because they want it, or because they are stupid. That is just not in the equation. It’s hard to understand but maybe this article will help:

  18. Travis says:

    I need help
    I am facing prison time and my son has been stolen

  19. deboraha says:

    She prob feels trapped. Financialy because hes talked her into debt. Maybe you should tell her sometime in a non commital way. Well if yal broke up you could always file bankruptcy. Theyd get your debts to a more afforable rate. Open her eyes the door may not be as locked as she thinks. But shed have to break all contact with him. Get a new number possiably a new job get someone to rent her a place in their name includeing utilities. Stay hidden for 6 mos to a yr depending on his personality. It wouldnt be a bad idea to leave the state and stay with relatives he doesnt know about. He will prob have moved on by then. These people dont like to be alone. But these are her choices. She has to chose it or shel just go back. You can be there for her just divorce your emotions from her lifestyle. But be her friend. I used to get worked up about things like this. I finally accepted i caint make choices for someone elses life. I caint fix their problems. There are some things we have to do ourselves. This is one of them. So stop tortureing yourself. Its for nought. You caint fix this.

  20. kateinaus says:

    12 Years of absolute Hell.
    I left my sociopth/psycopath boyfriend in 2002 after a six month relationship where he lived in my home rent free for some six months, that was until I realised what was happening. Originally he was the most delightful lover. I actually thanked the Lord for sending me such a great man to share my life with. It didn’t take long before he had me in his web and then things changed dramatically.

    After my split with him he waited over two years (until my business was going ok in 2004 that he started his harassement against me) to claim my success was all because of him. It is now 2016, he has had three more relationships but still is intent on destroying me.He has had me in court some three times, abhorrant and blatant lies he just doesn’t go away.
    He was awarded money from the court for loss of opportunity as he swore that I had promised him that my business and assets (although struggling at the time I knew him) was to be his and my superannuantion.

    He stood before the court and told blatent lies which were never challenged. The court believed him more than they believed me. He was awarded a very large payout/not what he had asked for but for me a huge amount of money.I have lost my son over this.My business was almost bankrupted. It has been 12 years of absolute hell. He has threatened on more than one occassion to kill me. Reported to police but they seem to be able to do nothing.
    I have my own business which he claims is all because of him although he had absolutey no monetry investment or otherwise in,(I had my business long before I met him) but still he chases me.

    Just last month we were back in court with him saying the original court did not give him what he believed he was entitled to and claiming his costs and interest (the original judge never awarded), but he dragged us into court with no proof of his costs. He has been given by the judge another six years to come up with his proof of costs! It cost us some 20k for nothing. He will never leave me alone. I now know this. I am on medication, seeing a councellor,I have lost my son who believes it is all my fault. What to do? I have no idea. If he has been awarded another six years I will be 73 years old! I might add he has since done similar to two other women since me and is now involved with another. They are too scared to stand up against him.
    Any advise?

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