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How Do Psychopaths Choose and Manipulate Their Victims

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“Those with psychopathic features often seem to have an uncanny ability to home into basic human vulnerabilities.  This often puts them in unique positions, where they are able to gain the upper hand.  Uninhibited by conscience, they initially assess the utility of those around them freely and equally.”

They then tend to narrow their choices to those they find unusually trusting or vulnerable.

“Sometimes, simply having normal personality traits qualifies an individual as vulnerable.  Some psychopaths are predatory in nature and can quickly evaluate who might be willing and able to help them achieve what they are looking to accomplish.  They can identify a potential victim’s ‘Achilles Heel’ and capitalize on it.”

Individuals who are openly trusting or generally seek to find the good in others are more apt to find themselves targeted than those who tend to challenge others to “prove” themselves.  However, most people tend to attempt to see the good in others.”

“As a result, this natural inclination to respect and trust often leads people to rationalize or minimize the odd or unusual behavior that does occur in exchanges with psychopathic individuals.  This makes almost everyone fair game.”

“At this point, an individual who is being targeted is usually unaware of the psychopath’s true intentions.  In addition to any possible vulnerabilities potential victims may have that can  make them more receptive to their advances, psychopaths also look for those who will invest in the relationship to deepen the connections and perceived obligations to the psychopath.”

“It may seem that victims are weak, but this is not the case.  Normal human vulnerability should not be confused with weakness.”

“Anyone has the potential to be targeted.  Psychopathic individuals do not appear to care whom or what they use or ultimately destroy.”

“It is important to remember that some psychopaths appear to easily become whatever it is their potential victim wants them to be, morphing into ideal mates, business partners, or  friends.”

“Some of them seem to choose their victims based on a combination of opportunity and their perceived ability to manipulate the targeted individuals.”

“While it is likely that no one is immune from victimization,

some may be better candidates for victimization than others,

often simply by being decent, trusting people.”